For many foot and ankle conditions, your physician may prescribe non-surgical treatments such as medication, custom-made shoe inserts, exercises, and rest. However, after reviewing your specific condition and medical history, surgery may be the best option to relieve pain, regain function and range of movement, or to improve the feel of the foot.

Before your surgery, your physician will take the time to carefully explain the surgical procedure and answer any questions you may have. Some surgical procedures may be done right in our office. You may be instructed to have someone drive you home following the surgery.

Depending on your surgery, you may have to wear a splint, cast, or surgical shoe. Post-surgery, you will be told how to care for your foot and how soon you may start walking again. Until the foot can bear weight, you may need to walk with crutches or a cane.

After your surgery, it is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions, take any prescribed medications, and see your doctor for all post-surgery follow-up visits. In treating your feet, your physician may also work with your other health care providers to give you appropriate and comprehensive care.